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Embrace Authenticity

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Meet Michelle

Dr. Michelle Ramos has over 25 years experience that spans multiple sectors including arts, legal, non-profit, social justice policy and health. She has combined her diversity of skills and talents to create Ramos Coaching, a consultancy that specializes in supporting leaders, organizations and people interested in learning how to create their best life. Her work guides clients to discovery and full alignment with their truest selves and is grounded in authenticity, inner strength and commitment to equity at the core.

Our Services


Non-Profit Consulting

Learn more abour Michelle's consulting and coaching work for the non profit sector we specialize in arts, social justice and leadership

Longevity Coaching

Aging is a privilege - let us support you on your journey to embrace and plan your future vibrant authentic self


“Michelle is an excellent mediator. With her skills and knowledge in the law, non-profits, and the performing arts she was the perfect person to help our organization through a time when we were stuck in a misunderstanding.  

I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Kathy Randels

Art Spot Productions

"The time that I was honored to spend with Michelle Ramos as her mentee was immensely invaluable, and had a deep impact on my ability to step into my confidence and realize my vision as an emerging leader. Her wondrous strength and wisdom stems both from her incredible, multi-faceted career and from her genuine goodness as a human being. She is an impeccable listener, generous giver, and committed supporter, and our conversations together were always warm, inspiring, and deeply motivating. I feel forever grateful to have crossed paths in this way and cannot wait to remain connected and support one another into the future." 

Katie Wong


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